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Heartland Health Center offers complete dental care for the entire family.

Heartland Health Center offers central Nebraska quality, affordable dental services with licensed, caring and professional staff.

Our dental services include:

Dental Check-Ups


Crowns & Root Canals 

Pediatric Dental Care

Partial Dentures

School Check-Ups & Sealants

Dental Facts

  • It is recommended that children be seen by age 1.
  • Never let babies/children fall asleep drinking anything but water once teeth are in the mouth.
  • It is important to brush your teeth 2xs a day for at least 2minutes.
  • Mouth rinse that colors the plaque (dirty area) on the teeth is a great brushing tool.
  • At night is the most important time to brush as cavities are most active then.
  • After brushing at night make sure not to eat or drink anything.
  • Regular check-ups can prevent pain, infection and more invasive (bigger) treatment.